Frequently Asked Questions

What does LOCALSQR mean by “locally grown and produced”?

Though LOCALSQR relies on individual farmers markets and vendors to set these guidelines, we loosely define locally produced food as containing at least 25% raw ingredients sourced locally, and always produced locally.

How does the QR code work?

QR stands for Quick Response. The Quick Response code is a type of barcode that’s capable of holding complex data, such as vendor info, deals, and more. So when you scan a vendor’s QR code with LOCALSQR, the app links you to the vendor’s LOCALSQR profile.

Vendors who use LOCALSQR to provide Loyalty Rewards will also have a Rewards QR code for you to scan. When you make a purchase with these vendors, just scan their Rewards QR code to collect your Loyalty Points.

That’s it, super simple! View QR Screenshot

What happens to the photos I upload?

We hold a copy of your uploaded photo on our servers for 7 days. After that, it is deleted from the LOCALSQR system. Don’t worry! LOCALSQR only deletes the photo from our servers—not from your phone’s photo gallery. That’s the idea behind the LOCALSQR Gallery. It is a dynamic realtime look at the wonderful energy in your market.

I’m a farmer, rancher, fisherman, baker, chef, artisan, etc. How does LOCALSQR help my business?

Having a profile on LOCALSQR means customers can discover you and all the information that you want to share. It also allows your loyal customers to “share” you with their friends and contacts on Facebook, Twitter and email. Nothing beats a personal referral from a friend!

Additionally, you can run a quick, easy loyalty rewards program to thank your loyal customers for their support and for sharing you with their friends. You decide what you want the rewards to be, and we’ll manage the program. Customers receive Loyalty Points when they scan your Loyalty QR code. When they reach a set number of points (you decide how many), they receive a reward of your choosing for being one of your best customers.

The only thing we ask in return is that you continue to support your local and regional food system, source your ingredients locally and responsibly, and be a part of a local market community. View QR Screenshot

How do I know if my market is eligible for LOCALSQR?

We are a platform for vendors of locally produced and grown food to connect with the local food community. That means that we prefer to work with producers, not resellers, and ideally our vendors’ products contain at least 25% locally sourced ingredients.

However, each market or vendor has a different set of rules and regulations defining these terms. We understand that it is not always possible to source every ingredient locally — especially with artisan products. We rely on our markets and vendors to establish guidelines for their participants and products.

As a vendor, do I need to sign a contract or have any special technology to use LOCALSQR?

Nope! No contracts. Delete your profile whenever you like.

The only technology you need is access to a computer and printer in order to manage your profile and print your personal QR codes and marketing material. Isn’t technology grand!

I’m a vendor. Can I find my market in your app?

We’ve uploaded as much data as possible on local markets into our system, so you should be able to find your market. That said, there will be some markets we’ve missed. Let us know if you don’t see yours and we’ll add it ASAP. We love finding new markets and vendors!

You may find that some market data is inaccurate. Lack of quality information is actually one of the main problems with finding local food, so keeping up-to-date and accurate data on local food and its producers is one of our main goals. Please contact us if you see any information that needs to be corrected.

How does the loyalty program work?

The Loyalty Rewards program is a way for vendors to reward their best customers. Each vendor decides how many points a customer will need to earn a reward as well as what the reward will be. Customers could earn anything from a hearty handshake of appreciation, to a delicious free treat, to a sweet discount. Your choice!

How do you plan to grow LOCALSQR?

We believe that we can grow organically (excuse the pun!) by allowing locavores and market junkies to do what they do best: share what they love! Check out our Help Us Grow page to learn more.

I don’t see any ads. Will LOCALSQR sell my information?

No way! Your personal information is safe with us. We do not share customer or vendor data with anyone else, no matter how nicely they ask. We built LOCALSQR as an ad-free platform that would be a part of a growing local food system, and to that end, we have a few ideas about turning a profit. But none of them involve sharing your info without your permission.

Can my smartphone use LOCALSQR?

Right now, LOCALSQR is available for any iPhone running iOS 5 or above. But if you have a different smartphone, all you need is a barcode reading app and you’ll be able to scan any vendor’s QR code to access their LOCALSQR profile with the web browser on your phone. Just look up “QR Code” in the Android Market or Blackberry App World.

We’re currently working on bringing LOCALSQR to other platforms. Let us know what you’d like to see first.

Where does the name come from?

Ha! Great question. LOCALSQR seemed like a perfect marriage of Local Food, the Town Square (where traditionally a farmers market is held) and the “QR” in QR code.

While we were brainstorming the logo, we placed a satellite view of local farmland beside a QR code. The similarities between the two were amazing, and we knew we'd cracked it.