How LOCALSQR works,

  1. If you're a Market Organization -

    This is your opportunity to have your very own Market App that details all your info and that of your vendors. We help you connect with your local community, grow socially and build connections to your local businesses. For Free! (No technology needed)

  2. If you're a Vendor (local growers, producers, cool artisans etc) -

    We help you grow your business by allowing you to connect and share your story, photos of your products and run a loyalty program that you design. For Free! (No technology needed)

  3. If you're a customer who loves local food -

    We show you where your local markets are, who is there and what they are selling, in real time. You can also like and share your favorite vendors or photos from the market through Facebook, Twitter and email.... yup, all free! (Your online profile is coming very soon)

  4. If you're a company or organization that wants healthier employees, to support your local community and aid in a clean environment.

    We provide the tools and programming to educate and engage your employees to source, prepare and eat cleaner, fresher, healthier food. Go to our parent company site and download the Go Local Corporate PDF for more info.

Find your market

We’ve researched and located more than 7,000 farmers markets and local food vendors across the country. With LOCALSQR, you can use geo-location to find the market closest to you or search for a market or vendor by name and location.

Please contact us if you discover any inaccuracies in market or vendor profiles. We’ll fix it ASAP.

Explore your market

Next time you take a stroll through your local farmers market, use your LOCALSQR app to scan the unique QR code displayed on each stall. You’ll be able to view in-depth information about the farm, where your food comes from, meet the farmers who grew it, and see photos of their goods and offerings.

You can also search for any vendor who has a profile on LOCALSQR through the app. Just find your market, and you’ll see the “See Vendors” button.

Share your market

Sharing info within LOCALSQR helps others to find great local food and learn more about where it comes from. And, you’ll be helping local businesses thrive!

There are several ways to share through LOCALSQR:

  • Take a photo of the market within the app. Your picture will be shared publicly for seven days in the LOCALSQR gallery for other locavores to enjoy.
  • “Like” your favorite vendors. Your “like” helps others make a decision about where to shop.
  • Share your market recommendations with Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Enjoy the Rewards!

With LOCALSQR Loyalty Points, you can earn rewards for your local food purchases from participating vendors. Rewards can be anything from a tasty treat, to an awesome deal, or just a high five from the farmer. It’s up to each vendor to decide!

You earn Loyalty Points each time you make a purchase. Make sure you remember to scan the vendor’s Loyalty QR code when you pay.

Your Loyalty Points are automatically uploaded and stored on our servers, and always available on your phone. You can keep track of your points on the Loyalty tab within the app.

If you are a farmers market or vendor, learn more about our Loyalty program or sign up to register for a profile.